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 Single-RowCylindrical Roller Bearings


Cylindrical rollerbearings generally consist of two parts- outer ring block on which with thehelp of cages and guiding ribs cylindrical rollers are fastened and second,separate ring. This arrangement allows separate mounting of rings and so the manipulationof individual part is made easier. The bearings in the "E" designshow the basic dynamic load rating on the average by 30 % higher than the bearingsin the basic design. The following designs are available:

N     -The cylindrical rollers are guided by cagein inner ring with two solid ribs. The outer ring is ribless, so this bearingcannot carry a thrust load.

NU    -The cylindrical rollers are guided by cagebetween two ribs of outer rings. The inner rings is ribless, like the N type,this bearing cannot carry a thrust load.

NUP   -The outer ring is manufactured with tworibs with a groove on the out face, the inner ring contains solid rib on oneside, from the other side is thrust plate attached. This type of bearings canbe used to carry thrust load in both directions.

NJ     -Similar to NU, but inner ring contains arib on one side. The bearing can accommodate thrust load in one direction.

NF    -The inner ring is with two solid ribs, andthe outer ring is with one guiding rib.

In comparison with single row ball bearingsof the same size, they have higher basic load rating and are suitable forarrangements with high radial load, high rotational speed and when tightfitting of both rings are desirable.



Bearings arecommonly produced in normal tolerance class P0. We also produce bearings intolerance classes P6 and P5.



Bearings areequipped with a cage according to the design. We produce with steelbrass or plastic cages.

E   -Pressed steel cage, consisting of two ribsand cross pieces, joined by un-riveting of pins.

M  -Massive brass Cage, which rib is joined tothe shell by steel pins.

EM  -Similar cage as M, but in construction withhigher load.

EDM  -Massive brass cage, where rib is to the cagebody joined by un-riveting of cross pieces.

TNG, ETNG  -A single cage made of polyamide PA66,reinforced by 25% content of glass fibres, delivered mostly in more bearing ETNGversion.

Availability ofcages in other versions must be consulted with us in advance.


Radial Clearance 

Commonly producedbearings have normal radial clearance. We also produce bearings with smallerclearance C2 or greater radial clearance C3, C4 and C5.



Medium and largesize electromotorVehiclesMachinetool spindlesInternal combustion engine

Electric generatorReduction gearboxRollingmachinesVibrating screen and so on.




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