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  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings
  • 滾珠軸承小圖2
  • 滾珠軸承小圖3


Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings without or withShields or Seals

The single rowdeep groove ball bearings have relatively deep raceways on both rings without afilling slot and they are non-separable. They can carry axial and radial loadsin both directions and are suitable even for high rotational speeds. Thesebearings are manufactured in a broad assortment and are the most common rollingbearing type.



Bearings arecommonly produced in normal tolerance class P0. We also produce bearings intolerance classes P6 and P5.


Bearings with Shields or Seals 

The single rowdeep groove ball bearings with sealing on one or on both sides are manufacturedwith metallic shields (-Z or -ZZ) or with rubber seals (-RS or -2RS). Shieldsand seals are firmly fixed in the groove of the outer ring and these are notremovable. Bearings with sealings on both sides (-ZZ or -2RS) are filled with aquality grease which usually ensure the lubrication during the whole bearinglife under normal operating conditions.


Radial Clearances

The commonlymanufactured single row deep groove ball bearings have a normal radial clearancewhich is not indicated. For special arrangements the bearings with a reducedradial clearance (C2) or with an increased radial clearance (C3, C4, C5) aresupplied.

Noise and Vibration 

The noise andvibration of bearings are classified as Z1,Z2,Z3 and Z4, it is measured by theinstrument of SO910-1; Or classified as V1,V2,V3 and V4, it is measured by theinstrument of BVT. 

Z1, Z2 or V1, V2are available in our company.



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